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Person Birthdate Age
Sylvia Coleridge Fri 10 Dec 1909 Died at age 76 on 31 May 1986
Hal Baylor Tue 10 Dec 1918 Died at age 79 on 05 Jan 1998
Alexander Courage Wed 10 Dec 1919 Died at age 88 on 15 May 2008
John Colicos Mon 10 Dec 1928 Died at age 71 on 06 Mar 2000
Fionnula Flanagan Wed 10 Dec 1941 77 years
Teddy Wilson Fri 10 Dec 1943 Died at age 47 on 21 Jul 1991
Martyn Whitby Sat 10 Dec 1949 69 years
Keith Jayne Sat 10 Dec 1960 58 years
Jerry Weil Sun 10 Dec 1961 57 years

Data used in this episode guide to Star Trek was taken from various online sites, compiled into a spreadsheet by Christine Roos Stæhr, converted into a database and kept up-to-date by yours truly (Keld R. Hansen).

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The cast of Star Trek: The Original Series starred in a early episode of Futurama. You can download a sampler of the episode here:

VCD (5 Mb)  S-VCD (7.5 Mb)

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