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Malcolm McDowell
Malcolm McDowell Born on 13 Jun 1943
Last modified 13 Jun 2006
Biography From IMDB:

Malcolm John Taylor was born on June 13, 1943 in Leeds, England to working class parents Charles and Edna Taylor. He was brought up in Brindlington where his parents owned and ran a pub. At 11 he was sent from the Tunbridge Boarding School to the Cannock House School in Eltham, Kent. His father was a alcoholic and beat his child regularly. Malcolm hated his parent's ways and fought against it. At this time he decided that he wanted to become an actor, it was also around this time that his love for race cars began. He attended the London Academy of Music and Art to study acting. Meanwhile he worked at his parent's pub but lost his job when the pub went bankrupt, his father drinking all the profits. He then had a variety of jobs, from coffee salesman to messenger.

His first big screen role was in "Poor Cow (1967)", altough his 2 minutes scene was ultimately cut from the completed film. Soon after he caught the attention of director Lindsay Anderson who casted him in the role of a rebellious student in his film "If.... (1968)". The film catapulted Malcolm to stardom in Britain but failed everywhere else. He was so enthusiam about the film success that he wanted to do another right away. He began writing what would become the semi-autobiographical "O Lucky Man! (1973)". Meanwhile he starred as the infamous Alex DeLarge in Stanley Kubrick's controversial "A Clockwork Orange (1971)", a role that caused him to be typecast as a maniac psychopathic villain. In early 1976 he spent nearly a year working on what would later be one of the most infamous films of all time, the semi-pornographic "Caligola (1979)", financed by Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione. Around that time the British film industry collapsed, forcing him to flee to America to continue working. His first American film was "Time After Time (1979)". He then did "Britannia Hospital (1982)", the last part of Lindsay Anderson's working class trilogy which started with "If...." (1968).

In the mid-eighties the years of alcohol and drugs abuse including $1000 a week on cocaine caught up with him. Years of abuse took it's toll on him, his black hairs were now grey. Looking older than he really was, nobody wanted to cast him for playing young. The big roles having dried up, he did many B-rated movies.

The nineties were kinder to him though. In 1994 he was cast as Dr. Soran, the man who killed Captain Kirk in "Star Trek: Generations (1994)". He was back on the track playing villains again. He played another in the classic BBC mini-series, "Our Friends in the North (1996)". Today with more than 100 films under his belt he is one of the greatest actors in America. He still doesn't have American citizenship but he likes the no-nonsense American ways. He currently resides in the north suburb of Los Angeles.

He is also Siddig El Fadil's (Julian Bashir) uncle.
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