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Steven Culp
Steven Culp Born on 03 Dec 1955
Last modified 09 Feb 2008
Biography All Movie Guide:

A seasoned dramatic actor who brought an extensive theater background to his work in film and television, Steven Culp was born in La Jolla, California; when he was young, his parents divorced, and Culp moved with his father, a Naval officer, and his two sisters to Virginia. After high school, Culp studied English Literature at The College of William & Mary; on the advice of his professors, Culp transferred to the University of Exeter in England, and while in London he became acquainted with a group of student actors. Culp soon developed an interest in theater, and after he returned to the United States, Culp transferred to Brandeis University, where he majored in Acting and Theater Arts. After graduating, Culp began working in off-Broadway and regional theater, and was first seen by a national audience when he won a role on the daytime drama "One Life to Live (1968)", which lasted for a year. In the late 1980's, Culp relocated to California, and began regularly working in television, while still working in theater as often as his schedule would allow. Culp made his made-for-TV movie debut with a small role in 1988's Lincoln; his big screen debut came a year later, in the movie "Gross Anatomy (1989)". Later, Culp was cast as Special Agent Clayton Webb in the made-for-TV movie "JAG (1995)"; a year later, the movie was spun off into a weekly series (1995), and Webb became a recurring character, with the actor developing a loyal fan base among the show's viewers. The same year the JAG series debuted, Culp was cast as Robert F. Kennedy in "Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996)", a drama about the life and career of Marilyn Monroe. Culp's strong performance as Kennedy (as well as his chiseled good looks) was impressive enough that in 2000, Culp was cast again as RFK, this time in the Cuban Missile Crisis drama "Thirteen Days (2000)". When not busy with film and television commitments, Culp still performs in live theater, and is a member of the artistic committee of the Interact Theater Company of North Hollywood, California. Culp is married with two children, and plays guitar and writes fiction in his spare time.
Sci-Fi TV filmography:
Role Series Episode
Major Hayes ST:ENT 3.1: The Xindi
Major Hayes ST:ENT 3.7: The Shipment
Major Hayes ST:ENT 3.15: Harbinger
Major Hayes ST:ENT 3.17: Hatchery
Major Hayes ST:ENT 3.23: Countdown
Henry Wallace Atlantis 4.9: Miller's Crossing